Barcelona may still sign in, provided that salaries are cut and players are sold

Barcelona Chairman Laporta emphasized that Barcelona may still sign in, but the premise is that the team must have more players pay cuts, while cleaning some players.

Laporta said at the press conference: “You all know that the situation is in an extreme state. We have to release salary space so that we can sign in. If we release 4 million euros in salary space, we can introduce a player. We To see what happens. Custom Football shirts

“Everyone will know which players are available and which ones are not. The club’s athletic department is doing work. The transfer market will not close until August 31, and many things may happen.”

“We are paying close attention to what might happen, and Koeman knows that we have to send players away to sign in. The most important thing for me now is that the team is doing well and the players are making a contribution. We are making a difference to the team’s squad. satisfy.”

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