Juventus announce Pogba joins as a free agent, wearing No. 10

Juventus officially announced that Pogba will join the team on a free basis and will wear the number 10 Juventus jersey.

The Juventus announcement read: “We hereby announce that Paul Pogba has returned to Juventus on a contract until June 30, 2026, and he will once again wear the Bianconeri No. 10 Custom Football shirts.”

Pogba is 29 years old. In August 2012, Pogba joined Juventus as a free agent. During his tenure, Pogba represented the team in 177 appearances, scoring 34 goals and 40 assists, and won 4 Serie A titles with the team.

In August 2016, Manchester United signed Pogba from Juventus for a transfer fee of 100 million euros. Pogba played 233 times for Manchester United, scoring 39 goals and 51 assists. He won 2 League Cup championships and 1 Euro with the team. League Cup champion.

Welcome to Pogba!

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