Messi’s recent form is absolutely outstanding

Paris Saint-Germain beat Nice 2-1 at home in the ninth round of the Ligue 1 this season. The star Messi scored a wonderful direct free kick in the game.

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In the national team game cycle at the end of September, Messi scored twice for Argentina in both games. Back at the club, Messi continued his excellent “feet”. In the 28th minute, “Paris” got a free kick in the frontcourt. Messi kicked a delicate curve ball with his left foot. The opponent’s goalkeeper could only watch the ball fly into the dead corner, and “Paris” took the lead. This is also the 60th direct free kick scored by Messi in his career. He also scored a direct free kick in the last match between Argentina and Jamaica.

After that, the tenacious Nice team tied the score, but the dominant “Paris” scored a “lore” in the 83rd minute by Mbappe, who played as a substitute, and took three points 2-1.

Consecutive goals for the national team and club team, and help the team win, Messi’s recent state is absolutely outstanding. “Paris” coach Galtier also sent praise to his disciples, “I am happy to see him on the training ground every morning, and I am very happy to work with him! He is a selfless player, but every season Can score a lot of goals.

Teammates are also happy for Messi’s performance. I also hope that Messi can keep it up and win more balls for the team. I really look forward to his performance in the World Cup. I hope his good state can continue to the World Cup and let the fans feast their eyes. Our website provides soccer jerseys Customized, welcome to inquire!