Neymar has extended his contract until 2027

Recently, the news that Neymar may be sold by Paris this summer can be described as hot, and Paris seems determined to send Neymar away in the summer.

One of the reasons for Paris to do this is that Mbappe’s high salary after the renewal of the contract will make Paris’ salary expenditure even greater, and the club’s balance of payments is worrying. It is also rumored that the chairman of the Paris club Nasser is also dissatisfied with Neymar, and there was even a rumor that Paris notified Neymar to leave.

Although Paris has this idea, Neymar also has his own power. Neymar had the option to extend his contract, and he is doing so now, extending his contract until 2027.

This is a good thing for Neymar, not so optimistic for Paris. The renewal of Mbappe has greatly increased the support of Paris. Now Neymar’s contract, which should expire in 2025, has been extended to 2027. The annual salary of more than 40 million euros is not a small amount.

And there are very few teams that want to sign Neymar. The transfer rumors of Chelsea and Newcastle have not progressed. After all, not everyone can afford Neymar’s salary.

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