Paris wins 2 new sponsorship contracts, Messi starts to play a cash cow effect

The joining of Messi brings absolute benefits to Paris and has become a cash cow for Paris. Lionel Messi Jersey

The traffic of the world’s top superstars is also top, and the commercial value it brings is also inestimable.

When Messi was in Barcelona, ​​his commercial value was already at the top level in the world. After joining Paris Saint-Germain now, the benefits brought to Paris are immeasurable. Soccer Jersey Online

It is reported that Paris has recently won two substantial sponsorship contracts, which have added a lot of funds to the club. In addition, after Messi joined Paris, the new jersey with his name was quickly sold out, and the game was also full. This is the strong commercial value brought by Messi.

According to reports, recently the well-known brand Dior and a website called Crypto signed a sponsorship agreement with Greater Paris. Crypto used to be a sponsor of F1 and Serie A. There are rumors that with the 3-year sponsorship contract of Crypto alone, PSG can get a sponsorship fee of 25-30 million euros. Discount Soccer Jersey

In addition, the price of the fan cryptocurrency launched by Paris has been soaring. Anyone with a discerning eye understands that Messi’s commercial value is unlimited, and it is not too much to say that he is a new “money tree”.

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