The latest La Liga standings: Barcelona first, Real Madrid second, Atletico fourth

The eighth round of La Liga is over. Take a look at the latest standings: Barcelona are now in first place, and they have conceded a goal. Real Madrid is second and Atletico is fourth. Just take a look at this standings.

La Liga round-up: Barcelona remain at the top after narrow win over Celta  Vigo, Real Madrid trump Getafe, Correa with a double in Atletico victory

Barcelona is the first, the first is not the point, the point is to concede a goal, it should be the team that conceded the least goals in the five major leagues

Barcelona now has 22 points, but only conceded one goal. This efficiency is really amazing. After all, after 8 rounds of the league, they conceded a goal, which many teams can’t do. But Barcelona is going to play against Real Madrid next, so in this game, can Barcelona still not concede a goal? Barcelona’s defense is much better now than before. The offense has a main goal point because of the arrival of Lewandowski, so the offense and defense are much better than before. This team is in the league this year and may still win the championship.

Real Madrid is second. Judging from the performance of the game, Real Madrid is not in a good state, but this team can always win. This Real Madrid can always score goals now, but can also concede goals. In addition, when the team’s striker Benzema is not there, there are some problems in defense, but it seems that the team can solve these problems.

Atletico Madrid fourth, this team has completed the buyout of Griezmann, so the team can use Griezmann in the front line. At least Griezmann is key to Atletico now. Of course, Atletico Madrid’s defense has improved to a certain extent this year, but the team’s back line does still need to buy new players.

Next, Real Madrid and Barcelona will continue to compete. In addition, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​who can win? Feel free to comment below, we offer custom football shirts , do you want to? Welcome to consult at any time!